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An academic lecture by Professor Lin Chen

Time:2011-09-23 17:24 Author:Na Li Hits:

   A lecture named” “The Global-first Topological Definition of Perceptual Objects,
and Its Neural Correlation in Anterior Temporal Lobe” was given by Professor Lin Chen ,
an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,in Yifu Science Hall, Lanzhou University
on Sep,7th,2011.
   In the report, Professor Lin Chen introduced the background of Psychological Science
and Cognitive Science. He proposed the scientific issues “Where the process of
perception begins?”and ”What are the basic units composing the perception?”. Topology
Perception Theory , published on 《Science》in 1982 by Professor Lin Chen, was also
demonstrated in all aspects.

   The UAIS Lab presented the team's latest study achievement after the report, Professor Lin
Chen gave some valuable suggestions about the research.


Professor Lin Chen


Professor Lin Chen,Professor Ning Zhong and Professor Bin Hu

The UAIS Lab was presenting the latest study achievement