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Qiuxia Shi

Time:2011-08-10 16:30 Author:Yongchang Li Hits:
Qiuxia Shi, a girl born in Lanzhou of China. In 2010, I got the communication engineering bachelor's degree, in the fall, I entered Lanzhou University with ”communication and information system” admission qualification and joined UAIS family, the main research direction is the denoising of biological signals.
        There are many types of biological electrical signals, such as EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, ect. According to international 10-20 system, the EEG signal measured is not pure, it contains EOG and 50hz or 60hz power line noise and other biological electrical signals, so we need to deal with the original EEG signals at the first step. EOG signals and power line noise are the main removed objects. There are many ways to remove these noises, such as FFT, ICA and adaptive filter, ect. I mainly focus on the adaptive filter to de-noising.
        According to the change of environment, adaptive filter using adaptive algorithm to change the parameters and structure. The most important feature of adaptive filter is that it can be work effectively in unknown environment, and can follow the time-varying characteristics of the input signal. Adaptive filter have batter advantages for EEG signals denoise. Adaptive filter can also be used in the field of telecommunication, (such as automatic equilibrium, echo cancellation, the antenna array beam formation), and signal processing in other related areas (such as parameter identification, noise elimination, spectral estimation, etc.) . For different applications, only the differences are the input signal and reference signal added to adaptive filter, but the basic principle is the same.
        My mailbox is qiuxiajm@gmail.com, welcome everyone to discuss with me.