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Jing Chen

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Jing Chen

I was born in Baotou, Inner Mongolia in 1988. Graduated from Fujian province in 2006, I stepped into UAIS lab of Lanzhou University.

1.         Work Experience

2005, participating in a National Scientific Research Project. Association rules and relations about different combination of user’s conditions and information can be found using data mining methods.

2011, finishing emotional ontology model under the guidance of our group teacher.

2.    Research Area

My research direction is Multimodal Modeling. The Lab is dedicated to the research on bioelectric signals under different application background. Our work is to build Ontology based on multimodal fusion of biological signals, then to analyze user’s emotions, mental illness or psychological disease through these signals (EEG information, ECG, Pulse Temperature, etc. ).

3.    Research Contents

Recently, we concentrate on the modeling on EEG information which reflects user’s affective states. Not only does emotional model reflect different emotional categories, EEG features, but also describes the relationship between EEG information and emotions through inference. In addition, the user’s ambient environment could, we know, have an influence on his decision-making, so user’s context is considered in the ontology model.

4.    The progress of Study

An emotional ontology built by us deduces user’s affective state by analyzing his brain activity. The model used amount of statistical, linear and nonlinear measures on EEG and gave a satisfied classification result. The target is present directed to the transition of user modeling.

5.    Achievements

Xiaowei Zhang, Bin Hu, Philip Moore, Jing Chen, Lin Zhou. Emotiono: an Ontology with Rule-Based Reasoning for Emotion Recognition. ICONIP (2011), Shanghai. (accepted)