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Jing Zhu

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Jing Zhu

Jing Zhu, engineer, graduated from Economics and Finance Department of XI’AN JIAOTONG University and got the Master's degree in 2010. Now, Zhu's research interests mainly focus on Pervasive Affective Computing, Data Mining, Eye-tracking and Intelligent Business. At the same time, Zhu also teaches some main courses such as Electronic Commerce Security and Standard, Principle of Economics, Basic Accounting, .etc.


1. Zhu, J., Han, X., Ma, R., Li, X., Cao, T., Sun, S., & Hu, B. (2016, January). Exploring user mobile shopping activities based on characteristic of eye-tracking. In International Conference on Human Centered Computing (pp. 556-566). Springer, Cham.


2. Zhu, J., Li, J., Li, X., Rao, J., Hao, Y., Ding, Z., & Wang, G. (2018). Neural basis of the emotional conflict processing in major depression: ERPs and source localization analysis on the N450 and P300 components. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 12.