ICPCA 10 Program Sessions

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December 01, 2010


Morning session la

Stress and Sleep Quality Estimation from a Smart Wearable Sensor
Dennis Majoe

An Asynchronous Dynamic Bayesian Network for Activity Recognition in an Ambient Intelligent Environment
Nasim Mirarmandehi and Hamid R. Rabiee

Heterogeneous Context-aware Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Network
Xingguang Xie, Yong Zhang, Dai Chao and Song Mei

A Solution on Ubiquitous EEG-Based Biofeedback Music Therapy
Bin Hu, Qunxi Dong Yongchang Li, Xiaowei Li

Morning session lb

From Cloud Computing to Mobile Internet, From User Focus to Culture and Hedonism - The Crucible of Mobile Health Care and Wellness Applications
Firat Alagöz, André Calero Valdez, Wiktoria Wilkowska, Martina Ziefle, Stefan Dorner and Andreas Holzinger

Economic Model Computing for FTTH Access Network
Zijad Havic

Long-term Rain Attenuation Prediction for Ka-Band link over Venezuela
Felice Candilio, Qiang Gao and R Ricardo

FOAF Introductions: Automatically Growing, and Improving the Accuracy of Detected Social Graphs
Jamie Banford, Alisdair McDiarmid and James Irvine


Afternoon session

On-line Event Detection from Web News Stream
Yan Fu

Cross-layer Power Allocation Scheme for Cellular Network Using Cooperative Diversity
Qiu Lin, Song Meina, Liu Lianru and Song Junde

Context-Aware Real-Time Systems With Autonomic Controllers
Mariusz Pelc, Richard Anthony and Witold Byrski

Network-level Synchronization in Decentralized Social Ad-Hoc Networks
Matthew Dobson, Spyros Voulgaris and Maarten Van Steen

December 02, 2010


Morning session

Application of Radio Frequency Positioning Technology in TDOA System Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Qiaohong Zu and Ting Wu

Sentiment Classification for Stock News
Yang Gao, Li Zhou, Yong Zhang, Chunxiao Xing, Yigang Sun and Xianzhong Zhu

A Robust and Secure Overlay Storage Scheme Based on Erasure Coding
Chuanyou Li and Yun Wang

Research on Proactive Performance Monitoring Mechanism for Mobile Network
Yanhua Yu, Meina Song, Junde Song and Zhijun Ren


Afternoon session 1

Research on telecom service deployment in cloud environments
Huiyang xu, meina song, jin peng and qing yu

Despeckling Synthetic Aperture Radar Images with Cloud Computing using Graphics Processing Units
Matej Kseneman, Dušan Gleich and Amor Chowdhury

Flexible, Plug-and-Play network middleware against network instability with R2-OSGi
Jinzhao Liu, Yongqiang Lv, Lei Zhang, NaizhengWang, Qiang Fu, DanWang and Yu