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Camera ready copy is due on 15 September 2011. We strongly encourage the authors to prepare their final versions by taking advantage of the IEEE PDF eXpress online facility. The web site is http://pdf-express.org/ and the conference ID is sws2011x. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Conference online registration is now open

Conference registration is now open. For details, please refer to the registration page.

2011 3rd Symposium on Web Society


    With the rapid development and wide applications of Internet, more and more people are attracted to be a Web user and spend a lot of time online everyday. For example, there are about 420 million network users in China by the end of July 2010 according to the latest CNNIC report. One year ago, this number was only 338 million. Without question, Web has already created a big virtual world for many people. Although quite different, the World Wide Web still shares many similarities with the real human society and does not exist without participation of human people and organizations. In order to better understand Web society and thus help people use its applications more effectively, it is very necessary to learn more about it. For example, What are the characteristics/personalities of Web users? How do people behave on the Web? How do people search on the Web? Can we identify their intention when they are searching? How can the web behavior and interactions to be understood? And how can we design the Web of the future to ensure that it remains stable and pro-human? All these challenges require the understanding of both human personalities and their behavior on the Web.

    The Web society is a new research field which attracts much attention of not only computer scientists, psychologists, but also social scientists, etc. The aim of this symposium is to bring scholars from different research areas together to explore and discuss the development of Web. We welcome papers from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including computer science, sociology, psychology, economics, health, etc. Papers which incorporate more than one discipline will be particularly welcomed.

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